Bio: Objection, a show by, Zoe Arnold, Mariko Sumioka and duo SCHRAM&SANDHU. Between them they have works in the Victoria and Albert Museum, The British Museum, Crafts Council, The Sir John Soane Museum and many private collections. Here they showcase works and projects challenging their the role and the position of making. Zoe Arnold is a poet, object maker and jeweller mostly known for her evocative and subtly macabre jewellery pieces, often presented in a context which houses the work in situ as an autonomous work of art to be displayed as an intriguing treasure within the domestic space. Arnold’s work draws from a complex inner world and allows the viewer a peak into the little things, the smaller moments of experience. Mariko Sumioka works with enamelling, architectural forms and collaging. The work is rooted in her research of Japanese culture and environments both natural and manmade, the study of zen and nature are important elements in this. Her jewellery loosely defines it’s function and gives space to the wearer to interpret the pieces and their relationship to them. As a duo, RCA alumni Laurie Schram and Inderjeet Sandhu together focus mainly on the creation of artistic communication through branding and utopic/dystopic company visions. SCHRAM&SANDHU is concept driven and embraces both fine art and design in its practice with an emphasis on absurdity and the escalation of error.

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