OBJECTION @ SCHMUCK 2015, Zoe Arnold, Mariko Sumioka and SCHRAM&SANDHU

SCHMUCK 2015- Objection

flyer design front

Zoe Arnold


Clasp to you that one thought An illusion of weight derived, From shape visceral and form Elusive.

Clasp to you that one thing, A certain predictable load, yet loosed in a thunderclap of clouds. Clasp to you in certain numbers

Those most inevitable things Meant for you, Waiting in their many silent Forms for your arrival. Exhale, exhale, Gather those secret splendid riches Those sentimental echoes of potent Charm. Child of oak, diverter of storms. picked over by tentative fingers, And placed in final compulsive composition.



Mariko Sumioka

London-based artist, Mariko Sumioka creates sculptural jewellery evocative of both East and West.

Her inspiration is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and Zen principles. She is fascinated by traditional Japanese architecture: the natural materials and colours, dark and bright contrasts, linear forms, geometric shapes and spaces. At Edinburgh College of Art, she developed her unique abstract aesthetic by combining precious metals with bamboo, enamel, patina and antique kimono. This collaging approach is an essential part of her creative process, along with a love for beautifully crafted details.

The stories told inside these miniature precious compositions are unfinished – it is up to you, the wearer to invent the rest.




We are S&S jewellery factory, most efficient, mistakes not possible, every artist the same task. A good worker takes three steps. Three steps are virtuous, three steps are desirable for you. The maker is machine. Our best robots are artists, they fulfil quota’s using our superior system of three steps! S&S jewellery, a collection of works to resist logic, wearabilty and sense. S&S jewellery factory rules are good. Efficient manufacturing for happy workers and fine product! Protocol = logic. The rules of conduct will ensure excellence The system is a better guide than deductive reasoning One step is bad, two steps worse but three steps are good. Three steps are possible. Follow the rules, not the reason. It is company policy. Because we said so. 30 cm brass rod = material. Artist = worker. Gold plate = magic. Rationality must oppress logic.

As a duo Laurie Schram and Inderjeet Sandhu together focus mainly on artistic communication through branding and utopic/dystopic company visions.

SCHRAM&SANDHU is concept driven and embraces both fine art and design in its practice with an emphasis on absurdity and the escalation of error.


flyer design frontZoe Arnold

image1Mariko Sumioka